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A dog is man’s best friend; but it seems that some do not know these furry best friends all that well. Dogs are prone to infestation of fleas and intestinal worms: heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, you name it. Sometimes, these are the reasons why dogs suddenly become timid and lethargic.

Worms are the main nemesis of dogs. Because of their carefree personalities, dogs tend to pick up dangerous parasites that can make them sick if not expelled. Vomiting, coughing, diarrhea, and a dull coat are all signs of infestation of worms in a dog’s body. Roundworms feed on the consumed food of the dogs and may inflict diarrhea. Hookworms and whipworms leech blood off its host and may cause malnutrition and even death. Meanwhile, heartworms, attaching themselves to the arteries of the heart, may cause coughing and difficulty in breathing to dogs.

The case, therefore, is that worms are perilous creatures that may inflict serious conditions to dogs if not expelled and treated immediately — heartworms most especially. These types of worms are not easy to remove and sometimes require the injection of drugs, mostly arsenic-based ones. As heartworms are difficult to diagnose, such as X-rays and bloodwork are performed. These are costly operations that may extend up to a few months.

Although there are veterinarians offering de-worming for your furry companions to eliminate most of the worms in their bodies, most especially heartworm treatment and heartworm medicine, there is an alternative that will ensure your dog is in tip-top shape and is worm-free — the Sentinel.

The Sentinel for dogs is a tablet packed with all the necessary ingredients to make sure worms stay out of your dog’s business. It controls and removes worms and fleas, making your dog safer and healthier than ever. You don’t even need to worry that your dogs might not like it because it is a beef-flavored tablet to suit their discriminating tastes.

The way the Sentinel works is that the in the tablet stops the growth of heartworm larvae along with the adult hookworms and roundworms, while the lufenuron prevents the development of flea eggs. Basically, this small tablet disrupts the life cycle of the parasites to impede their maturation process. The Sentinel is an exceptional pill with all the benefits of other treatments and medicines in the market.

Veterinarians prescribe these tablets and advise administering to the dog once a month. Since the Sentinel comes with an instruction manual as well as safety precautions, people feel that veterinary expert advice is not needed so much. As such, the Sentinel can now be purchased online. You can find many sites selling . The great thing about buying online is that it is easy, convenient, and affordable — you can purchase it sans the usual coupon, rebate, discount code and still get plenty of value for your money.

Remember, however, that some dogs may exhibit rare cases of side effects such as itchiness, loss of appetite, and drowsiness — although the tendencies are said to be rare. If such a case happens, make sure to visit your dog’s veterinarian to avoid further complications.